Monday, May 19, 2008

Is Unsilent Majority Gay?

An insider source told me tonight that he has pictures of Unsilent Majority...uh....smoking some guy's pole. Anyway, stay tuned,

Monday, December 10, 2007

I don't understand

Today there was a post about how to make the commenting better.

But it's already so funny and original. What the fuck are they thinking?

Deadspin Featured Comment of the Day

Post: Vick Gets 23 Months in Jail

Commenter: Summer of George


Ha Ha!

/Nelson Muntz


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Making jokes about Sexual Harrasment is Sweet!

My boys are making some sweet sexual innuendo type jokes about a woman who won a lot of money in a sexual harassment suit. My favorite comment...

Dear Stacy,

Would you be my sugar momma? I promise to cook you breakfast every morning, give you a back rub every afternoon and give you at least 1 hour of cunnilingus every night.

Waiting for your response,

Brazil Thrill

I hope that stupid bitch reads that comment and feels even more harassed. Stupid bitch deserves to be harassed gettin' all that money.

It's the Weekend!

And you know what that means. No Will or Rick, but today we get Unsilent Majority! While not quite as awesome as the other blogstuds, he nevertheless provides some great, thought provoking pieces for all of us to ponder and leave comments to. In fact, I'm thinking about logging on right now and getting my You're with me, Leather on.

Unsilent is really living the dream. He started out as a commenter in Deadspin Nation, and his spectacular use of Simpsons and Seinfeld quotes did not go unnoticed. Shit, now he's driving the motherfucking mothership during the weekend! I often masturbate and pretend I am him.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Deadspin Featured Comment of the Day

Post: Bronson Arroyo Brings the Rock


Comment: I'll pay him 20 bucks not to play.

Analysis: I got nothing here. That is quite possibly the most unfunny, unoriginal comment in the history of the outstanding blog Deadspin. Can you imagine if they weren't auditioning these guys?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The DeCAF! Interview: Will Leitch

I really can't believe this is happening, but Deadspin fuhrer Will Leitch has agreed to do an interview with Deadspin Nation's #1 fansite, DeCAF! I apologize in advance if I have a hard time staying on message and start verbally blowing him during the course of the interview.

DeCAF!: It's such a pleasure to have you, Mein Fuhrer!

Will Leitch: Why are you calling me that?

DC: It's just a name I came up with for you. Like, I've juxtaposed the Deadspin Nation (because they are so awesome and powerful) with the Nazi regime. Naturally, you are the leader, The Fuhrer if you will. It's like, ironic or something?

WL: No it's not. Stop it.

DC: Sig Hiel Mein Fuhrer! Just kidding!


DC: So, what's it like leading an army of hilarious and original commenters?

WL: It's pretty cool. We don't let just anyone comment on our board. You have to pass an audition and a test.

DC: A test? What's the test like?

WL: You have to pass a pop culture relevancy test. Oh, I forget the score...I think you need to score like 85% or something.

DC: What's on the test?

WL: Well, there's a Simpsons section. Then a Seinfeld section. Anchorman and Dodgeball sections. ..


WL:...Yeah, then you have to know all of the Deadspin inside jokes.

DC: Such as?

WL: Barbaro, stupid dinosaurs, Mamula, James Frey.

DC: You're with me, Leather!

WL: Yeah, that's one of them.

DC: You're with me, Leather!

WL: I heard you the first time.

DC: I just think that saying is so god damned funny! Did you ever think about changing the name of the site to You're with me, Leather!

WL: No. Actually, my buddy Matt Ufford started a site called With Leather, you should check it out. It's really funny.

DC: Is that the guy who posts pictures of hot 15 year old ass?

WL: Well, his site is not really about that...

DC: That guy is awesome!

(Long awkward silence)

DC: You're with me, Leather!

WL: Look, when are we going to talk about my new book?

DC: You're with me, Leather!

WL: Fuck off.

DC: You're with me, Leather!

DC: You're with me, Leather!

DC: You're with me, Leather!

DC: You're with me, Leather!

DC: You're with me, Leather!